I am Juan, a software developer from Argentina.

I study computer science in the National University of La Plata.
Experienced in web development, backend and databases.

Languages and technologies I work with:

  • C# (.NET Core and ASP.NET)
  • PHP (Vanilla and Laravel)
  • JS & TS (Vanilla, Node, React)
  • Databases (MySQL, PgSQL)

software and services


simple, free, open source discord bot. [.net 7]


a server monitor and api for sa-mp and openmultiplayer [php & asp.net 7]


the windows tweaking toolkit allows tweaking hidden windows settings. [.net framework 4.8]

Calculando Argentina spanish only

a web app with a collection of calculators relevant to argentina [react/next.js]


Fix Linux failing to use your headset's microphone.

audio devices issues on linux are rare nowadays. but when they appear, they are non-trivial.

Deploying a TES3MP server on a Linux VPS

using a linux vps to easily host a tes3mp server.

Hosting your own ShareX screenshots with PSXU

using a webserver as a personal image host to easily use with tools such as sharex.

repositories and libraries


single-file php script to upload files on your webserver through sharex for quick sharing.


object-oriented php interface for easily and quickly requesting data from the steam api.


functions and callbacks for easily handling vehicle tires in sa-mp.


library to obtain information about vehicle components in sa-mp.