Computer science student and software developer from Argentina.

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Tools and Services

Argentine exterior tax calculator [spanish only]
Calculates costs of payments to Steam, Netflix, etc.

A simple, free, open source Discord bot.

CS:GO Text simplifier [spanish only]
Simplifies the in-game chat texts in CS:GO.

CS:GO Sensitivity Converter
A tool to keep your perceived sensitivity if you're changing parameters in CS:GO.

Nintendo Graveyard
A list of services and events terminated by Nintendo.


SA-MP Weapon statistics
Comprehensive table of statistics for most weapons available in SA-MP.

SA-MP Explosion data
Comprehensive-ish table of evidence-based qualifications for all the explosions you can use in SA-MP.

Software and Libraries

PSXU is a single-file PHP script to upload files on your webserver through Sharex for quick sharing.

Provides functions and callbacks for easily handling vehicle tires in SA-MP.

Library to obtain information about vehicle components in SA-MP.

An easy to implement 3D Speedometer for your SA-MP server which exists in the game world itself.

Everything in this website is free to use.
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