Rosettes is a simple, free and open source Discord bot.

It's objectives are:

  • To be simple to set up.
  • To be as straightforwards as possible in all it's functions.
  • To collect as little user and guild data as possible.
  • To collect absolutely no message data, ever.


Rosettes can add many features to your server, useful to admins and users alike.
If you don't want something, you may disable it from /settings.
  • Role management
    Create AutoRoles for users to automatically assign themselves roles.
  • Image functions
    SauceNAO to find artwork sources, GIF reversing, converting image formats, etc.
  • Downloading Twitter videos
    Uploads a video file from any tweet you give it.
  • Polls
    Easily create polls where people can anonymously vote.
  • Playing music
    Rosettes can join your voicechats and play music as requested.
  • Reminders
    Let users set reminder alarms for themselves, even in DM's.
  • Searching
    Quickly get information for Pokémon, Anime, Manga, etc.
  • Minigames
    - Farming and fishing system, with shop, inventory and the expected stuff.
    - A pet ownership and interaction system.
  • Custom commands
    Add your own guild commands to let users see information and manage roles.
  • Miscelaneous
    - Display who joins and leaves the server
    - Provide status information for certain games
    - Throwing dice and coins
    - Even more.
  • What else would you like?
    If Rosettes lacks a feature you want, use /feedback, or contact me directly.
    I am always adding new things, and welcoming new ideas.

For a list of commands, click here.

If you wish to support hosting and development of Rosettes, you can donate.