Rosettes, The Simple Discord Bot

About Rosettes

Rosettes is a simple, free and open source Discord bot.

It's functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Role management (Assign role on join, AutoRoles)
  • Dice-rolling and coin-flipping commands.
  • Plays music off Youtube, Yandex, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.
  • Displays information about a given user or guild.
  • Extracts video files off twitter links.
  • Many miscelaneous functions (urban dictionary, reminder alarms, emoji exporter, etc)

Most important of all, Rosettes is in active development, and always accepting feedback for new features.

Using Rosettes

To get Rosettes in your server is very straightforwards.

1. Invite Rosettes into your server.
You can remove managing-type permissions if you don't want Rosettes for that.
Everything else will work just fine!

2. [Optional] Check the web panel for available settings.
The default settings are probably fine for most guilds.

3. Done!

To see a full list of commands, click here.
If you wish to support hosting and development of Rosettes, you can donate.

Questions and Answers

Why "Rosettes"?

Rosettes is the name of the pattern on the fur of snow leopards, which I quite like.

Are messages logged?

No, Rosettes keeps logs of nothing.
What little data gets stored is not personal beyond usernames, which are public anyways.

Why does Rosettes not have a Discord group like other bots?

Rosettes has very few users, there's not much of a community to be built around it.
For any inquiries regarding Rosettes, you are more than welcome to contact me directly.

Where is the source code?

It is available in it's GitHub repository.

Can I suggest new features?

Yes! Feedback is always welcome. To suggest new features, improvements or bug reports, simply contact me.

How can I contact you?

With the methods listed at the top of the homepage.