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rosettes commands

the following is a somewhat-complete list of commands.

utility commands

/getvideo [media url]

download the video of the given link. [twitter, instagram, tiktok, youtube, etc]

/alarm [amount] [optional:time unit]

sets an alarm.


download all custom server emoji in a .zip file.


allows you to create a custom poll with up to 4 choices.

image commands

/image saucenao [artwork url]

finds the source of a provided artwork.

/image content [image url]

convert image to a format of your choice.

/image reversegif [image url]

reverse the given gif image.

/image throwbrick [emoji/username/url] [optional:reversed]

creates a gif of the "throw brick" meme with the given image as it's subject.

search commands

/find wiki [term]

finds something in wikipedia.

/find urban [term]

finds something in urban dictionary.

/find pokemon [name or id]

finds information about a pokemon.

/find anime [term]

finds information about an anime.

/find manga [term]

finds information about a manga.

/find character [term]

finds information about a character from animated media.

chance commands

/dice [faces] [optional:amount]

rolls a specified amount of dice with a specified amount of faces each.


throws a coin. can provide optional name for each face.

status commands

/status website [url]

check if a website is working.

/status ping [hostname or ip address]

attempts to ping the provided address.

/status minecraft [hostname or ip address]

checks the status of a minecraft server and fetches information.

/status csgo

status of csgo matchmaking servers.

/status ffxiv [optional:datacenter]

status of ffxiv servers.

minigame commands

/farm view

view your farm's status.

/farm inventory

see your inventory.

/farm fish

attempt to catch a fish.

/farm give [item] [amount] [user]

give items to another user.

/pet view

view your current pet.

/pet list

list all your pets.

miscelaneous commands


information about the current discord server.

/profile [optional:user]

shows information about yourself or the provided user.

/eval [expression]

evaluates the given matematical expression.

/makesweeper [emoji] [optional:difficulty]

create a minesweeper where the mines are the given emoji.

system commands


change the bot's behaviour.

/setlogchan [optional:disable]

start showing join and leave messages in the channel where it's used.


restrict minigame commands to the channel where it's used.

/feedback [text]

send feedback to the bot's developer.


bot's current status.

this list isn't always up to date. more functionality is available through the admin panel.