Rosettes commands

The following is a somewhat-complete list of commands that Rosettes understands and runs. Some but not all of these might work in DM's too.

Utility commands

/twtvid [tweet url]
Download the video off a provided tweet.
 Available as an application feature.

/alarm [amout] [optional: time unit]
Sets an alarm for Rosettes to ping you in the given amount of minutes. May cancel with /alarm-cancel.

Exports all emoji in the guild to a ZIP. May only be used by server owner.

Provides an UI to create a poll with up to 4 choices, the bot will keep track of votes and prevent repeat votes.

Image commands

/image saucenao [image url]
Finds the source for a provided piece of artwork.
 Available as an application feature.

/image convert [image url]
Finds the source for a provided piece of artwork.
 Available as an application feature.

/image reversegif [gif url]
Reverses the provided gif.
 Available as an application feature.

/image throwbrick [emoji/user/url] [optional: reversed]
Generates a GIF of the "throwing brick" meme with the provided image.

Music commands

Upon using 'Music Play', a player with buttons is spawned, so most of these commands shouldn't be needed.

/music play [url or search term]
Joins your voice channel and starts playing the given track. If a song is already playing, it'll be added to the queue.

/music skip
Skip to the next song in the queue, if applicable.

/music stop
Stops the music playback.

/music toggle
Use to pause and resume playback without stopping the entire song.

Search commands

/find urban [term]
Finds an Urban Dictionary definition of the given term.

/find pokemon [name or id]
Finds information about the specified Pokémon.

/find anime [name]
Finds information about the specified Anime.

/find manga [name]
Finds information about the specified Manga.

/find character [name]
Finds the specified character from animated media or manga.

Gambling commands

/dice [number]
Rolls a dice, from 1 to the given number.

Does a coin throw. Can be provided two custom faces.

Status commands

/status website [website url]
Checks if the provided website can be reached and it's status.

/status ping [hostname or ip address]
Attempts to ping a provided IP address and show it's state.

/status minecraft [hostname or ip address] [bedrock]
Shows status of a provided Minecraft server.

/status csgo
Shows status of Steam and CS:GO servers.

/status ffxiv [optional: datacenter]
Shows status of FFXIV servers.

Minigame commands

/farm view
View what is happening in your farm, and interact with it.

/farm inventory
Show your inventory items.

/farm fish
Try to catch a fish. Can be used every hour.

/farm shop
Buy and sell items.

/farm give [item] [amount] [user]
Give a selected item to other user.

/farm top
Minigame leaderboard for the guild.

/pet view
View information about your currently "equipped" pet, and interact with it.

/pet list
List all of your pets.

* note that the minigames are more feature complete than the commands might show.
  most of the functionality is accesible through buttons.

Miscelaneous commands

Shows information about the current server.

/profile [optional:user]
Shows information about yourself or the provided user.

/makesweeper [emoji] [optional: difficulty]
Creates a Minesweeper-Like field where the mines are the given emoji.

System commands

Allow changing certain Rosettes settings for your guild.

/setlogchan [optional:disable]
Sets showing user join and leave to a given channel.

/setfarmchan [optional:disable]
Restricts RPG commands to a given channel.

Generate a login key for the admin panel.

/setautorole [id]
Apply an AutoRoles prompt to a channel. The ID is given by the web panel after you set it up.

/feedback [text]
Send any feedback such as suggestions, bug reports or other messages directly to me.

Information about Rosettes.