Windows Tweaking Toolkit is a lightweight, free and open source Windows Tweaking tool.

It's functions include:

  • Shortcuts to hidden or obscure Windows native tools.
  • Ability to change publicly unavailable desktop settings.
  • Ability to change and disable many Windows behaviours which cannot be changed from any of Windows' front-facing UI.
  • A shutdown scheduler.

Most important of all, WTTk is in active development, and always accepting feedback and suggestions for new features.


You can find the download for the latest version of WTTk in this page.

WTTk is built for Windows 10.
It works on Windows 11, but certain features (such as 'disabling shortcut indicators') are a little buggy. If any problem arises, simply disable the troublesome feature and restart.

If you find WTTk useful and wish to help, please consider making a donation.

questions and answers

Why does WTTk require admin permissions?

Admin permissions are required for access to modify registry keys, which is required to apply the tweaks it offers.

Where is the source code?

It is available in it's GitHub repository.

Why do I get a Windows SmartScreen warning?

WTTk is distributed as an unsigned executable, because it's expensive to get a digital signature. Because WTTk is not a popular application, Windows Smartscreen has a tiny dataset to decide if it's a legitimate application or not, and throws a pre-emptive warning. Simply click 'More information', then 'Run anyways'.

WTTk doesn't work, throws an error on launch!

WTTk requires .NET Framework 4.8 in order to run. Windows 10 should already have this out of the box. If you're running an older version of Windows, you'll need to pick it up off Microsoft's website.